Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Holidays are coming!

And you know what that means! Time to make presents and decorations! Now that I am starting my new life, I feel the need to get serious about what I want to have in my life when i celibrate holidays and other family traditions. What I mean by that is a few years ago i just threw together any old Christmas tree or birthday party using things that meant little to me. Nothing that my children could say "I remember when mom made that and put it out every (insert holiday here)"
So! to start out I am knitting 4 stockings for my family. I had spent hours looking through free online knitted stocking patterns till i found one that i liked.

It's simple and the colors I chose for each family member will go very well together. My boyfriend, Kyle, had to drag me out of Micheal's during the buying process. He was very patent up until I made the grave mistake of saying "OK, I have what I need" and then wanted to "look" at everything from the yarn department to the cashier, drove him crazy. hehe